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The goal of A Single Day of Peace is to help make the world a better place by helping people find their better place

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Leadership & Culture

Welcome to Spiritual Leadership. It’s not what you think!

The foundation of A Single Day of Peace recommends Spiritual Leadership to help people live a more inspired and successful life. The word “spiritual” connotes a religious theme but that is not the intention. Spiritual Leadership is when a leader creates an environment where everyone is inspired, fulfilled and succeeds. Hence, creating is a positive and winning spirit among everyone. Think of the most successful companies of our day. Many of them have created this kind of culture.

If you are a parent, business leader, senior executive, health care professional, teacher, religious leader or any role where you are responsible for helping people and an organization succeed, you have the opportunity to be a spiritual leader. Spiritual Leadership is the new way in creating a culture where everyone wins. Great organizations are built on high standards.

Great leaders create trust by behaving consistent to effective leadership principles. A leader’s behavior screams who they really are. A leader’s behavior is more important than what they promote, claim to be their values, instill as best practices and what they teach. How a leader behaves determines what their culture will be and to what extent people will follow, trust and perform with them.

It is my experience that many leaders don’t get this at their core. I have worked with some that think they can out smart their people. They don’t outright say that but you see it in their “how”. The interesting part is they don’t think you can see it. They feel they can persuade their teams with compelling presentations, company meetings and team gatherings. They are mistaken.

My experience working with great leaders is that those that display proven leadership behaviors during prosperous and challenging times alike create a winning and loyal following. An example of behavioral principles that achieve great results are below. Many of these will probably not be new to you but the secret is how they are implemented. Organizations that implement them properly experience less turnover and perform at a very high level.

The same applies to family collaboration. Some of these behavioral principles can be used to create an environment of respect, open communication and enablement. The result is a unified, loving and happy family.

For more information on implementing these in your organization, team or even your family, feel free to contact us at asingledayofpeace@gmail.com.